Three-phase induction electric motors, also called asynchronous, are electric motors equipped with a stator in which a voltage is induced. Due to the combination of features that induction electric motors offer, it is a very common drive solution in industry. We will introduce you to electric motors of this type from the MS series, which are characterized by an output of 3 kW and 4 kW and, among other things, perfectly handle the maximum load.

high voltage motor

Modular slip ring motor type IC611

The three-phase induction high voltage motor is the most used type of electric motor in the industry. Its main advantages include an affordable price, wide control options and a relatively simple construction, thanks to which these electric motors do not require special maintenance.

These electric motors use the properties of a 3-phase system to induce rotor movement. They are available with different outputs, and we will now focus on the lower power spectrum of 3 kW and 4 kW.

MS series electric motor with an output of 3 kW

You are looking for an electric motor with an output of 3 kW, which will meet your strictest criteria. The 3kW MS series electric motor from VYBO Electric is characterized by various above-standard elements within its performance class. You can count on reinforced bearings, a reinforced rotor cage and reinforced covers. The advantage is also vacuum-impregnated winding.

This electric motor is especially suitable for smaller and simpler applications. Nevertheless, it can easily handle heavy loads.

MS series electric motors with an output of 4 kW

In the case of 4 kW electric motors, you can choose between the 2-pole and 4-pole variants. They dohigh voltage motor not lack above-standard elements, which provide these electric motors with great durability and exceptional strength. There are several examples of what makes 4kW electric motors so good. A durable lubricant is used in the reinforced bearings, and at the same time this 4kW electric motor boasts reinforced bearing shields. Undoubtedly, the steel fan cover is also an advantage.

In general, all electric motors of the MS series have used high-quality and durable materials that are processed with maximum precision. You don’t have to make any compromises when choosing a new electric motor, and the motors in this series are clear proof of that. More on